WCCO Volunteers Recruitment


一、关于大家 About Us

大家是由世界各国运河城市和相关经济学问机构自愿结成的非营利性国际组织。大家的全称是威尼斯游戏手机版-威尼斯平台软件(英文译名: World Historic and Cultural Canal Cities Cooperation Organization,缩写为WCCO),成立于2009年,目前组织住所和秘书处设在中国江苏省扬州市。

Founded in 2009, we are a non-profit, non-governmental international organization formed by a number of canal cities and economic or cultural institutions worldwide. Our full official name is World Historic and Cultural Canal Cities Cooperation Organization (abbreviated as WCCO). The Organization has its domicile and Secretariat in Yangzhou, a city on the China Grand Canal in east China’s Jiangsu Province.

截至201712月,大家已总共发展106名会员,包括世界范围内73座运河城市, 16家社会机构, 17家企业及个人会员。 

Currently, the Organization has a membership of 106, which is composed of 73 canal cities worldwide, 16 organizations and 17 cooperation and individual members. (by Dec 2017)



Our work is oriented around canals. We work to promote the economic and cultural exchanges between canals cities, share their development experience, push for mutually beneficial cooperation, and facilitate the common development and prosperity.


Welcome to join WCCO as international volunteers.

二、招聘条件和对象Job requirements


Passionate about public welfare works.


Over 18 years old and enjoy physical fitness.


Abide by the laws and regulations of China.


Equipped with organizational coordination ability.


Good at speech delivering.


Understand and love works of WCCO.

三、招聘职位及具体要求Job descriptions (year-round recruitment)

1.国际组织联络岗位(若干名)International organizations liaisons (several vacancies)


Requirements: Ability to liaise independently with international organizations in English. Strong organizing, networking and group working skills. No limitations for gender.

2.古镇学问保护岗位(若干名)Ancient town cultural preservation specialists (several vacancies)


Requirements: Bachelor or above degree in cultural protection or related majors. Familiar with Chinese geography, history, and culture. Sufficient ability of doing research. No limitations for educational background, if you have long term practical experience in cultural or art field. No limitations for gender. 

3.旅游规划设计岗位(若干名)Tourism planning and designing specialists (several vacancies)


Requirements: Bachelor or above degree in tourism planning, landscape designing or related majors. Experience in tourism development or project design, management capabilities and work experience in designing institute is preferred. No limitations for gender.

4.古镇品牌策划岗位(若干名)Ancient towns marketing specialists (several vacancies)


Requirements: Bachelor or above degree in brand planning and marketing or related majors. Acuminous market insight, and Strong analyzing and decision making skills. No limitations for educational background, if you have representative works considered as classic works in the industry. No limitations for gender. 

5.水资源保护利用岗位(若干名)Water resources protection specialists (several vacancies)


Requirements: Bachelor or above degree in ecological and environmental protection or related majors. Experience in water resources development and utilization, ecological restoration or related scientific research is preferred. No limitations for gender. 


The above vacancies are open for application on a long-term basis. 

四、志愿者的申请方式 Application Procedure


Step1: Download and complete the application form from the WCCO official website. Click here to download the form. 


Step2: Send the application form to the contact email.

咨询方式 Contacts: 

电话Tel.: 86-0514-89986300

Email: hongmingli@whcccco.org

网址 Website:: www.whcccco.org

地址 Address: 扬州市文昌东路3号皇冠假日酒店二楼 2nd floor, Crown Plaza Hotel, 3# East Wenchang Road, Yangzhou, Jiangsu Province, China

五、其他事项 Miscellaneous


Details concerning the support offered by WCCO such as transport, accomodation, and remunerations shall be discussed between the successful candidate and WCCO after the applicant passes the examination and gets appointed. 


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